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One-of-a-Kind Handmade Creations

Display your Guitars, Bass & Ukuleles like ART

Make Them Secure, Visible & Accessible



GUISPLAY Takes Care of Your Precious Musical Instrument and Will Never be Harmful to It :

– Handcrafted in solid furniture

– Wall hanging system are safer than any other product on the market.

– Nitro-safe hanger padding won’t damage delicate finishes

– Avoid neck bending

– Screw and Anchor for stable and firm installation 

– No rust, no fading, made to last

Weight optimisation allow you to hang even on soft wall

– Soft upholstery fabric ensures your instrument remains scratch and damage-free.

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Guisplay Show off your Guitar


Show Off Your Precious Instrument in a Beautiful Way

– Finely crafted

Elegant material finish

– Best quality fabric background to create your perfect display

– Minimal wall hanger mount visibility


All GUISPLAY Guitar Displays & Wall Hangers Can Be Customized to Fit Your Desires

– Can fit any of your stringed instruments

– Vertical or Horizontal Orientation

– Size on demand 

– Colors

– Anything on your mind ? Make a request in the contact form

Guisplay Guitar Dsiplay Wall Hanger wall Art creation Stand
Custom made to order guitar hanger display stand home decor guisplay


Mixed Technics : Maquetry, Carving, Painting
Mixed Materials : Stone, Wood, Oil, Acrylic, Fabric, Plexiglas…
Features Guisplay GUitar Display Wall Hanger Stand

Made-to-Order CREATIONS

Fit any of your Stringed Instrument with your Style in a Beautiful Way

Features Guisplay GUitar Display Wall Hanger Stand

Make a gift without false note !

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