Hi There !

GUISPLAY is the project of a French designer living in Isere & Savoy – France  who has passionately embarked on artistic and decorative adventure. 

After many years in several activities but with a love for music that has never disappear, the creation of musical instrument stands and hangers has become a passion in the same way as the practice of music itself. 

Having many instruments (guitars, bass, ukuleles, oud, cello and others …), the question arose to find an elegant solution to store them. Thus the idea and the passion has begin

The pleasure to experiment mixing  multi-materials, wood, stone, paint, stain, plexiglass, steel, etc … and a passion for home decor, interior decoration, wood art and mixed art bring me naturally to the sphere of decorative objects, including marquetry. Through shapes, textures, materials and colors, I want to give musicians the desire to play, to expose and showcase their faithful companion.

For musicians and music lovers, the visual appeal of a musical instrument is just as pleasing as the way it sounds and plays.

Aesthetics and originality are the two engines in my workshop whose work is done mainly with the charm and irregular appearance of raw wood and as much as possible with recovery materials.

All the creations are customizable according to your aesthetic tastes (colors, materials, image …) and musical (logo of a group, an artist …)


Intruments used for the photos


Rickenbacker 480, Gibson Les Paul, VeraCruz, Silver (by Ibanez), Ashton (Fender Stratocaster Shape like), Eagleton, Yamaha


Kanaloa Concert, Tahitian Ukulele,